Born Tough Fitness Apparel

If you spend a lot of time in the gym like I do, you probably get more wear out of your fitness clothes than you do with all your other outfits combined. I tend to wear a dress on a night out only once or twice, work clothes I wear more but certainly no more than once every two weeks, but my gym clothes get worn one or twice a week repeatedly. It is therefore essential to buy fitness wear that not only looks good but is durable through all the washes and wears for the month to come.

If your anything like me and get quite overwhelmed with all the options out there, hopefully my review of Born Tough will give you a greater insight into the quality of their fitness apparel.

I received this lovely blue crop top from Born Tough . At a reasonable price of £18 this top comes in three colours, pink blue and grey. It is soft to the touch and complements a well fitted sports bra. My pet hate is when you purchase a gym crop top and its just too cropped. This top is great, the length is in-between a crop and a full length so complements the waist making you look and feel great whilst working out. The sizes come in XS S M L and for me the M was true to size. I am a size 10 so I assume they are equivalent to sizes 6 8 10 12. The tops are created from premium quality materials that are soft to the touch and extremely light weight and breathable. Extremely comfortable, and never ride up when jumping or doing yoga or Pilates upside down.

The item arrived super quickly which was impressive. Here are some pictures of the item soon after arrival. As you can see, the top has lovely brand detailing and its soft, good quality material.

fitness wearcrop topborn tough

Here you can see the fit, flattering, stylish and makes you feel ready for a workout.

born tough fitness


Are you Born Tough?

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Top 10 Tips to Help you on your Vegan Journey

  1. Join Vegan Groups on Facebook

There are so many great support groups available on Facebook. These groups are full of thousands of people just like you who are going through just what you are. It’s like a small online community where you can ask questions on veganism, share recipes, and share your own advice. For someone starting out this is a great support network and I really learnt a lot.

Facebook pages that I can recommend are:

  • Veganuary
  • Vegan recipes for beginners
  • Vegan intermittent fasting for women
  • Sebi Alkaline and electric foods
  • Vegan beginners 101
  • Plant based eating
  • Keto vegan and vegetarian for beginners
  • Whole food plant based


  1. Buy a vegan cookbook or search recipes online

If you’re not into social media or simply want an alternative way to search for recipes you can do so online or buy a book. At the start people tend to focus on what they miss, maybe it’s the lack of chocolate cake and chicken nuggets making you want to go back to your original diet. A good way to get over those craving is to search a vegan recipe for what you already love. What I have learnt is there is next to nothing that doesn’t have a vegan alternative:


  1. Watch documentaries to remind yourself why you are doing this

Everyone has hard days and food can be very comforting. It can seem a lot easier to go back to what you know and enjoy. When you change to do something new, this is a normal feeling, so don’t feel bad on yourself. The best thing you can do is educate yourself further on why you made this change initially.

Here are some documentaries that I have watched since becoming vegan. Please beware that the animal videos are particularly upsetting and not for the faint hearted. I really applaud the amazing people who took the time to make these as I can only imagine how awful it must have been. These documentaries spread awareness to people who have no idea what is going on and hopefully convert many people to veganism.

  • Dairy is Scary – YouTube
  • What the Health – Netflix
  • Cowspiracy – Netflix
  • Earthlings – YouTube
  • Dominion – YouTube


  1. Don’t put pressure on yourself and give in to the pressure of others – this is your personal journey

I doubt any vegan woke up one morning and threw out everything that contained animals’ products in their house. I am not just speaking about food but also clothes, toiletries, makeup, furniture etc I just think this is unnecessary waste as you have already purchased the items and would be financially impractical (unless you have loads of money).

Whether you had planned to go vegan for month or if you suddenly decided overnight, this is your life and your decision, and you do this in the best possible way for you. Whatever you do, and however you’re doing it, the most important thing is that you’re making a difference. What matters is that your choices are protecting animals daily, protecting the planet and protecting your own body. You do not have to stop everything in one go.

I was able to cut the animal products in food straight away but in regard to clothing I am still learning – it’s not always as simple as avoiding leather products and there are so many glues and chemicals found in the items we purchase that are derived from animal products. All I can recommend is that you do things in your own time, as when you do, your setting yourself up for success. You will come across many people on the same journey as you but are most likely at completely different stages of the journey. Let’s all create a positive environment where we can share and help others.


  1. Follow food pages on Instagram and Pinterest to make your supermarket shop easier

There are so many AMAZING vegan Instagram pages sharing a variety of options to help us. Loads of pages have great food inspiration, I’m sure we can now make anything all you have to type in is #VEGAN(FOOD TYPE) and thousands of recipes and videos will come up.

I also follow Accidentallyveganuk which has been an absolute life saver. This page reposts instastories and posts of others who have found accidently vegan products in the local UK supermarkets. This is so helpful as means you don’t need to trail though ingredients of every single product you find on the shelves. In my first month of turning vegan I went to Milan and was very worried about what I would be able to eat. Luckily it was easier than I thought but when I got to the airport, I had a couple of minutes to grab something before boarding the plane. Luckily, I spotted Oreos which had been featured on accidentallyveganuk so I immediately knew they were vegan and could quickly buy them.


  1. Look at the menu in advance before booking a restaurant

When I get invited out to a restaurant the first thing, I do is check their online menu. Some restaurants don’t label their options clearly with VG so in that case it’s best to email in advance. There are very few places I have been unable to attend as I can normally find at least one option or put together some sides to create a main. The only time I’ve had difficulty is with set menu’s such as brunches, I normally am unable to get my monies worth as I can only eat one item. I am positive that within time restaurants will improve this.


  1. Don’t assume that you will automatically be healthier if you go vegan

I think back in the day; you probably wouldn’t have to work too hard to keep healthy and on top of your weight as there used to be hardly any vegan options. Vegans would mainly only have wholefoods, fruits and vegetables as an option – so vegan = top of your health game. Nowadays, I am not complaining, but there are so many options and many of these options consist of vegan junk food. In my first month of going vegan I put on weight trying all the delicious junk food options and going to all these cool trendy restaurants. I have reigned it in now and focus a lot more on a healthy balanced diet. It’s just great to know that you have similar options as everyone else now.


  1. Your taste buds and craving will change

Obviously, if you have been eating meat and dairy almost every day for 20 + years you will be used to the taste and go into withdrawal when you stop consuming it. This is normal, but just like anything else, (such as getting up early or going to the gym), you must be determined to achieve what you set yourself out to do.

Most people struggle with cheese as this is highly addictive. More so than most of you probably realise. There are scientific studies that have proven that cheese can trigger the same parts of the brain as hard drugs – no surprise there then that you can’t stop thinking about those mozzarella sticks.

My answer to this is, where there is a will there is a way, and there are always lots of lovely dairy alternatives. I was very impressed with Papa John’s vegan pizzas and pizza express. Just because you’re vegan it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice once loved foods from your diet completely.


  1. Educate yourself

As you learn more you tend to get less shocked about things that contain animal products and realise how essential it is to read the ingredients on any new items you find. Never Assume its vegan. Here are some of the items that contain animal products that shocked me:

  • Wine – Some wine companies use animal products like egg whites, fish bladder and gelatine to filter their liquids – Gross
  • Beer – same as above goes for beer companies – eww
  • Bloody Mary cocktails – this cocktail weirdly often contains anchovies. How unappetising.
  • Salted Peanuts – many packeted salted peanut brands contain milk powder.
  • Crisps – again milk powder
  • Lactose free almond cheeses – despite the lactose free that probably attracted you in the first place, this product can often contain casein which is a cow’s milk protein.
  • Sugar – some white sugar is bleached with bone char – yuk
  • Vitamin D3 (a common food additive) – this food additive is made with a substance derived from sheep’s wool.


  1. Take and research into supplements to ensure you get a varied and balanced diet

As I have a thyroid problem, I regularly get blood tests, and this highlights any deficiencies I may have. It has been highlighted (before going vegan) that I have lower calcium than most people. I take one calcium tablet daily along with Lysine to ensure that my calcium levels remain up where they should. The lysine helps facilitate the transportation of the calcium into the muscles. Many people assume that I have a calcium deficiency because I don’t drink milk – this couldn’t be further from the truth as calcium is added to plant-based milks anyway and often in high doses. There are studies that have proved that those who consume dairy have weaker bones than those who don’t – I bet that surprised you.

Two weeks after my vegan transition I noticed that I felt extremely tired, it was suggested that this could be due to a lack of B12, so I went out to purchase a B-Complex multivitamin and within a few days felt much better. I take a mixed B vitamin supplement which consists of a mix of B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. You can also try and get additional B12 naturally but eating marmite and nutritional yeast.


I hope this list helps you on your vegan journey.

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Quick and easy vegan chocolate protein pancakes for lazy people

If you want to participate in pancake day but are lazy like me, pick up some vegan chocolate protein pancake mix from My Protein.

2 scoops of chocolate protein pancake mix and 100ml water makes roughly 6 small pancakes.

For the topping I used:

  • Pistachio nuts (unsalted)
  • Agave syrup
  • Strawberries

Fried in:

  • grapeseed oil

If you don’t have these in stock, there are so many other topping options:

  • Banana
  • Blueberries
  • Cashew cream
  • Vegan cheese and mushroom
  • Melted dark chocolate

Shopping list:

  • Pistachio nuts – Holland and Barratts £3.99
  • Strawberries – M&S £2
  • Grapeseed Oil – Aldi £3
  • Chocolate Vegan Pancake Mix – My Protein – £9.99 500g
  • Agave Syrup – My Protein – £2.77 250g
  • Water – the tap – Free

Pistachio and strawberry protein pancake mix

Purchase through this link and you will receive 35% off when spending £40 or more.

Alternatively, use this code at the checkout – KEZIA-R15

As you know I am newly vegan for 2019. If you’re not vegan I have another non-vegan recipe on my blog from last year, check it out:

Happy Pancake Day!

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Top 10 health and fitness related Christmas gift ideas

Last minute Christmas shopping giving you anxiety? No idea what to get? Well time is running out so I thought I would help you all out. Anyone interested in health and fitness will be super happy to receive one of the amazing gifts listed below.

  1. Bamford Wellness Box

bamford wellness box

This is a great gift for someone who loves to work out but doesn’t take the time to rejuvenate afterwards. We often forget to pamper ourselves in our busy lives and giving this gift will help someone to find the time.


  • Quartz crystal
  • Nurture Balm
  • Candied Orange Candle
  • Essential Oil

The total cost is £85 and comes in a lovely little gift box.

  1. NutriBullet 1200 Series with Smart Technology

NutriBullet 1200 Series with Smart Technology

Everyone is excited about NutriBullets and if you know someone who doesn’t have one I’m sure they will be very pleased with this new smart technology edition. It costs £129.99 but is currently in the sale on Amazon at just £117, with Amazon Prime it will arrive tomorrow and another person’s present done. It’s a no brainer.

It has excellent reviews and is easy to clean. Great to kick start your January diet and gives you a reason to stick to it.

  1. Pilates Core Set

Pilates core set john lewis

This lovely set in purple can be purchased from John Lewis for £34.99. The set includes:

  • Ring
  • Band and ball kit
  • Exercise poster

This is perfect for people with busy schedules who can only find time to do home workouts.

  1. Dulcii 2.2L Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle

Dulcii 2.2L Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle

This is a cool stocking filler for someone obsessed with working out. Not only is the bottle 2.2litres so helping to keep them hydrated but it also looks great.

At only £9.99 it’s a great stocking filler.

  1. Joe wicks cook books

Joe wicks cook books

Personally, I use these books all the time for quick, easy and healthy recipes. These books played a huge part in my weight loss and really assisted with me starting my weight loss journey. If you have a loved one who struggles with dieting or has tried multiple diets, this could be exactly what they need.

This is a link to the full set at £25 but you can buy them individually for £9.99 as well. Great stocking filler or gift for a friend.

  1. LuLulemon yoga pants

LuLulemon yoga pants

Everyone wants some good quality, sweat proof, high waisted yoga pants. LuLulemon is known for their great quality (and high prices). This is a great gift for someone loving fitness as I can guarantee they will be well used.

These come in at £88 and there are multiple colours to choose from. If you want to be safe stick with black as these are practical and suit everyone.

  1. Sweaty Betty jumper

Sweaty Betty jumper ready sweat champagne

Great stylish and comfortable Christmas jumper. Great for Christmas jumper day in the office or lounging around at home. At £85 a lovely thoughtful Christmassy gift but bearing in mind its not too Christmassy so can be worn though out the year. This would be great to throw on post workout. Get ready to ‘Ready, Sweat, Champagne’.

  1. ESPA Recover & Revive Bodycare Gift Set

ESPA Recover & Revive Bodycare Gift Set

This beautifully packaged gift set comes in at £63.29. It is the perfect gift for active minds and bodies. It allows you to experience the power of essential oils that relax those hardworking muscles.

The set contains:

  • Fitness body oil 50ml
  • Muscle rescue balm 30g
  • Fitness shower oil 250ml
  1. Reebok Training Mat

Reebok Training Mat white

a fitness addict will always appreciate a new exercise mat. At £29.99 this is a great sturdy gift to take them through the following year of health and fitness. Exercise mats are used to often and tend to get dirty and warn away so a new one would always be greatly appreciated.

  1. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones gold

They come in Black, Gold, Silver, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Red, Rose Gold, Ultra Violet and Turf Green. My favourite is gold.

If you want to splash out on someone, these come in at £229. Can’t go wrong with this gift and the sound quality is top of the range.

Have an amazing Christmas everyone and thank you for being so supportive and contributing to the success of my blog. Happy holidays!

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Fitness myths – Mythbuster 2018

I have constructed a list of fitness myths that need to die. Carry on reading to understand these myths and misconceptions that could be holding you back.

  1. No pain no gain true or false?

No pain no gain fitness myths

Your training programs should not be painful. You want to challenge your body, get out of your comfort zone but actual pain should not be a part of it. If you experience pain when working out something is wrong. You have probably developed or are developing an injury and if you persist it will get worse and could result in your training coming to an end. Listen to your body as pain is a sign to stop.

It simply isn’t worth it as pain caused by exercise can often mean – electrolyte imbalance, mental burnout, injured muscles, damaged joints or all of the above. You then will not be able to work out for a significant period of time meaning that you cannot achieve your fitness goal.

Try and mix up your workouts to avoid strain on the same muscles over and over again. This allows you to get a well-balanced workout and body and the whole body can benefit.

Stretching before and after a workout helps to reduce the after workout aches we often all experience. This is vital in preventing injuries and assisting with muscle recovery.

Mythbuster – fatigue, sweat and endurance is all required for an effective workout but pain should not be a part of it.

  1. Lifting heavy weights bulks you up

lifting heavy bulks you up - fitness myths

Lifting weights helps you burn more calories than you would if you were to just do cardio. When you do cardio you burn and when you stop you stop burning the calories. When you lift weights you burn calories and then continue to burn calories for a considerable amount of time after your workout has finished. Burning calories makes you lose weight so this would suggest lifting weights contributes to making you smaller not bigger.

Weight training is used to shape your body and it’s your choice how you plan to shape it. If you want a perkier bum – squats and deadlifts or if you would like shapely toned arms you can work on your upper body.

Weight training alone will not bulk up your body, in order to bulk up you have to bulk up your diet as well.

Mythbuster – If you do weight training you aren’t going to wake up with Popeys muscles unless you’re eating a hell of a lot of food to match.

  1. Exercise machines beat free weights

machines vs free weights fitness myths

Both have their pros and cons

Exercise machines are great for beginners and they help with form and getting the movement correct. Exercise machines are also very easy to learn and makes what could be a complex movement, easy.

You use more muscles when using free weights. When using free weights the large muscles and all the tiny ones we are hardly aware of are hard at work. This means you are able to get the most out of your workout.

Mythbuster – personally free weights win for me every time. I rarely use assisted machines apart from the leg press. I just believe that you should only need to do what your body is capable of doing alone.

  1. Running on a treadmill is just as good as running outside

treadmill vs running outside fitness myths

Running outdoors is definitely more beneficial than running on the treadmill and here are some reasons why:

  • Weather, the wind, heat and cold all set up various different conditions that make our bodies work harder to adapt and so burn more calories. The wind give us resistance we have to work hard to fight against, the heat and the cold make our bodies work harder to regulate our temperatures therefore burning more as we exercise
  • Running outside is far more interesting than the treadmill. People often say that a minute on a treadmill can feel close to an hour but this is quite different when running outside. I quite enjoy running through the park on a sunny day as it’s a great way to be outside, get some fresh air and see the countryside.

Mythbuster – How does running on a treadmill compare to running outside? Well the answer is simple, outside the terrain varies so gives you a better workout than the consistent level terrain that the treadmill offers.

  1. You can’t work out when you’re sick

work out when sick fitness myths

Winter is coming and flu season is upon us, so does this mean we can’t work out when we catch a bug? This is absolute rubbish, in fact, if I have a fluy symptoms or even a hangover I find it great to sweat out the germs. Once the germs are out of your system you must still be mindful that you are not at 100% of your health. Take care to have a warm shower and wear warm dry clothes after a workout. Continue with any medication, vitamin C, warm teas and soups and get plenty of sleep. In no time you will be feeling great and smashing the gym again.

I recommend working out to boost your immune system but please don’t attempt anything too strenuous on the body. Perhaps a light jog and some medium to light weights will do the job. You have to remember your body is not at its best so recovery is harder than when you are at optimum health.

Also if you have anything more serious than a hangover or the flu please seek medical advice if you want to continuing working out.

Mythbuster – exercising regularly will reduce the chances of you getting sick in the first place. If you have flue like symptoms or a hangover, toughen up and sweat it out, this will make you feel better quicker in the long run.

  1. Crunches are the best exercise to give you abs

crunches give you abs fitness myth

There are so many exercises that are amazing for your core it is almost rude to suggest that crunches are the best. Here is a list of just some of the exercises that can be used for core exercise and strength:

  • Front plank

front plank

  • Crunches


  • Leg lowering

leg lowering

  • Dying bug

dying bug

  • Long lever front plank

long lever front plank

  • Side plank

side plank

  • Side plank with leg lift

side plank leg lift

  • Side plank band row

side plank band row

Let  me put some perspective on this. Think of someone who is overweight and they do 100 crunches a day in the hope that they will get abs. They will indeed strengthen their core muscles and underneath the layers of fat there will be stronger muscles but this will not be visible. You have to shed the fat first with a combination of cardio, weight training and a healthy diet. In time you will then see the results you are looking for – ABS.

Mythbuster – this is an outdated approach to abs. In fact as they say, abs are made in the kitchen. All exercise contributes to abs but all of the exercises listed above target the core muscles along with cardio, weight training and a healthy balanced diet.

  1. Running beats walking

running vs walking fitness myths

The ultimate goal for everyone is health and fitness so walking and or running is pushing you in the right direction. I would say after this it would depend on what you want to achieve.

Going for a leisurely country walk will increase your steps and indeed increase calories burned but you will have to walk a lot further to burn the same amount of calories if you were to run the same route.

Walking on an incline on the treadmill has a very similar calorie burn rate to that of running of a flat surface.

Personally my preference is walking on an incline. This increases fitness, burns calories and isn’t so aggressive on the knees. I also find that it maintains and increases leg and booty muscles. If your interested in keeping your shape I would opt for incline walks instead of flat running but if your main focus is weightloss definitely start running as much as possible.

If you look at Olympic long distance runners you can often see they have a very flat body shape. It is of course a matter of preference but I like to keep my shape hence the incline approach.

Mythbuster– if you run on the flat and walk the same distance running will of course burn more calories over a shorter period.

Both running and walking are great to improve health and fitness

Running on a treadmill and walking at an incline burn at a similar rate so are equal.

Running on the flat makes you skinny all over (with good diet) whilst incline walks maintain your body shape.

  1. You can target your fat burn

targetted fat burning fitness myth

As mentioned previously we know that doing 100 crunches a day isn’t going to give us abs, just as doing 500 tricep-dips isn’t going to get rid of our bingo wings. It is making sure you do a well-rounded exercise targeting the entire body and of course with a key focus on our problem areas.

Mythbuster – Targeted fat loss or spot reduction is an absolute myth – there is no scientific evidence to suggest that this is at all possible.

Read more on this in a great article written by The Body Coach.

  1. You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach (fasted or fed workout)

working out on an empty stomach fitness myths

Ultimately there are pros and cons to both fed and fasted workouts. It is really about listening to your body and realising what works best for you. If you have your breakfast and coffee in the morning and feel this surge of energy that gets you through your workout its probably best to stick to this method. Some people like to work out first thing and don’t have the stomach for food at 5am and prefer to work up and appetite. Again, if this is you it might be best to stick with what’s currently working. If you’re new to working out I would recommend doing a week of both and weighing up your own pros and cons.

Mythbuster – There is no evidence to suggest that a fasted workout is bad. There is plenty of evidence to show the benefits of both fasted and fed workouts, all very interesting:


Should you eat before a workout?


Exercising empty stomach secret weight loss

I would personally recommend doing a mixture of the two and design a pattern that fits in with your lifestyle.

  1. Sweating means you’re out of shape

sweating means you are unfit fitness myths

Everyone is different when sweating during a workout. Sweat is basically a cooling mechanism of the body, but is it linked to being out of shape or less fit?

Sweating sooner whilst exercising can actually be a sign that you are fitter than those who have not yet started to sweat. This is simply that your body is more acclimatised to the exercising conditions and is more efficient at cooling down.

Please make sure you are aware of how much you sweat during a workout and you need to replenish this amount of liquid lost. Make sure you always have water to hand whilst exercising to avoid dehydration.

Mythbuster– sweating is the bodies normal response to exercising and most definitely is not an indication that you are unfit.

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Ben Nevis Blog – I’ve never climbed a mountain guide to climbing the tallest mountain in the UK

Planning our trip to the Scottish highlands and climbing Ben Nevis

Ben what? Is what I said when my friend suggested a weekend trip to climb Ben Nevis. Not the cleverest response but I had not actually heard of Ben Nevis as I’m not a very outdoorsy, country kind of girl but I do like to try new things, so of course, I said yes.

Expectation vs Reality – Ben Nevis

I had this idea that we would be going on a nice little walk up the mountain wearing matching crop tops and leggings and do an amazing Instagram photo shoot at the top before returning to the car. How wrong I was.

If you’re planning your trip now, you better stop thinking about the above and concentrate on what’s to come. The Scottish highlands are absolutely breath taking, the views are to die for so it is well worth it and an amazing experience but mountain climbing is not a joke. This is not a hill you are walking up and it can be very dangerous so please pay great attention to what is to follow.

Safety first – climbing Ben Nevis

The mountain summit is only visible 30 days of the year in a cloak of mist that is so dangerous people can quite literally walk off the edge.

The plan – climbing Ben Nevis

We went in a group of three girls and luckily one of us had done it before. I would recommend a group of three or more for safety and if you can, bring someone who has done it before. Even though people kept asking me if I was going as part of a guided group I don’t feel this is necessary at all. Perhaps in strong weathers it would be advisable but I think if we had payed someone to show us how to walk along a path I would feel pretty mugged off, just saying.

What I find quite amusing is people kept asking me if I had been training for this and I can say the answer is no. Not really at all, I just decided in incorporate more and lengthy walks on the stair master. 45 minutes in on the stair master I was absolutely shattered and I was really questioning whether I would be able to do it at this point but it was too late to cancel now. We booked the trip roughly three weeks before so there wasn’t really any time to make any drastic changes anyway, whether I wanted to or not.

My Ben Nevis shopping list:

  • Waterproof trousers – Amazon £14.99
  • Fleece – The North Face £50 reduced to £30
  • Waterproof Jacket – Karrimor, Sports Direct £75 reduced to £35
  • Thermal Socks – Primark £3
  • Walking Socks – Sports Direct £6.99
  • Thermal long sleeved top – Gym Shark £30 reduced to £15
  • Ski Gloves – Amazon £11.99
  • Waterproof back pack cover – Amazon £6.99
  • Back Pack – Nike £25
  • 1 litre water bottle –USN Amazon £4.49
  • Snow boots – Dare2be £115

Other things that I already owned include:

  • T-shirt
  • Fleecy leggings
  • Scarf
  • Snacks – go natural bars
  • Waterproof case for mobile phone
  • OS Locate App
  • OS Maps

Luckily for me there were three of us. I am not the most organised so my friends brought the additional essentials:

  • Emergency shelter
  • Plasters
  • Rehydration tablets
  • Whistle
  • Tiger balm
  • Heat patches
  • compass
  • map

Travelling to Ben Nevis

We booked flights from London to Edinburgh. I don’t believe it makes a huge difference whether you fly to Edinburgh or Glasgow but we found cheaper options to Edinburgh.

Flights cost in the region of £50 return if you’re up for dodgy Ryanair. Left on Friday morning and returned Monday evening. We decided to go for 4 days as this gives us a two day window so we could decide what day to climb – weather dependant.

We stayed at the Premier Inn Fort William, £228 for three nights in a family room – very good price, within walking distance to the station, town, Morrisons and McDonalds.

We hired a car from Edinburgh airport from Hertz. This is great as you don’t need to get a shuttle from the airport. Most car companies are walking distance from the terminal. £104 for one driver, car rental and insurance and then a £200 deposit. It was very quick to both pick up and return the car and that’s coming from the worst driver ever – but that’s another story.

What I had imagined was having a nice relaxing Friday to prepare myself for the walk the next day however this was far from it. I left my house at 9 am and didn’t get to fort William until 9 pm. Please believe the whole journey was TWELVE hours and it was mentally exhausting. Not only did I drive to the airport, the waiting, the flight, the more waiting, the driving for like 4 hours and then the checking in – god help me I was exhausted. Please bear this in mind if you’re travelling from London, or anywhere to be honest.

Climbing Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis

It was about 10 degrees and windy in Fort William, for me this is freezing. I wore two socks, boots, leggings, sports bra, gym shark top, Nike t-shirt, fleece, and jacket. I packed my waterproof trousers, scarf, gloves, water, snacks, phone, waterproof backpack cover all in my bag.

We fuelled up with porridge, fruit and crumpets. Lots of carbs to give us lots of energy and then we were ready to go.

Ben Nevis is around a five minute drive from Premier Inn and has a car park and visitor centre. We parked up for about 9 am and were ready to go. There are a couple of different paths up the  mountain but we took the obvious route – the tourist path or alternatively called the pony track.

I have to say we were extremely lucky with the weather. In Scotland it literally rains every day, and it did on our trip apart from the day we decided to climb. We had a clear sunny day – couldn’t believe our luck. Literally on the other days we were there I could barely walk to the shop without blowing away down the road. The weather was so extreme there was a yellow weather warning for heavy rain. I think if we had planned for a different day we wouldn’t have been able to attempt it due to safety.

As you are probably doing now, I read numerous blogs that state that the first quarter of the hike is steep and then it flattens out. This is not true at all. I found that it was very steep just after the half way point, very hard on the legs. The first quarter you are walking on mainly large rocks, you have to keep your eyes to the ground to avoid any slips and trips but it is very beautiful and you find after about 30 minutes you are already reasonably high up with lots of lovely views. We were even lucky enough to see a rainbow.

ben nevis rainbow

I started off at the bottom of the mountain feeling absolutely freezing, with the incline walking I quickly warmed up and was able to remove my raincoat, fleece, and t-shirt so just wearing the thermal long sleeved top.

You get to see all the stunning mountain streams, walk across little bridges and even a waterfall. At about half way you reach a lake, here some walkers can take a different path and then start their decent down the mountain. Many walkers stop here for lunch or snacks and refuel/ recharge for the rest of the trek.

Ben nevis blog

This ascent to the summit includes a combination of steep rocky pathway and flattish gravel pathway. As you get higher and higher you start to see frost on the floor, we even experienced a bit of snow fall and it was at this point we layered up, t-shirt, fleece, gloves and coat went back on. We also were unable to see the bottom of the mountain due to the mist surrounding Ben Nevis. I think it was now that I was starting to feel the strain on my legs the most. You could neither see the top nor the bottom and it was constantly on my mind, ‘ when are we going to get there’, ‘how much longer’.

ben nevis tallest mountain

After four hours we reached the top of Ben Nevis, what an achievement. At -11 degrees and actual frozen hair. Yes I said it, the hair on my head was frozen, I had crunchy hair. We took a few pictures on the tallest point and in the little ruins up there and quickly began the decent. It was absolutely freezing at the top, just taking your gloves off to take a quick picture was too much. I think what kept us going was the great sense of achievement and all the other walkers at the top with the same great energy, it really is  quite something.

ben nevis scotlandat the top of ben nevisBen nevis blogger

It took two hours to reach the bottom. Quite tough on the knees walking down and again you have to keep your eyes on the ground to avoid any accidents. You also don’t warm up as much going down so I kept all my layers on until the bottom minus the gloves. Again I felt absolutely fine on the decent but during the last quarter my feet were aching considerably and I was very focused on sitting down.

ben nevis hike

When reaching the bottom we had a little sit down and recover then quickly drove back. Our whole trip there and back took 6 hours which I was very pleased with. After the best shower I’ve ever had in my life, it was time for prosecco and pasta, YAY.

Looking back – climbing Ben Nevis

On reflection, it is so scenic along the route so well worth it just for that. I don’t think it was as challenging as expected if you are of reasonable fitness, and far better than I had anticipated.

Phone coverage up Ben Nevis

Also another point to add, for those concerned about phone coverage I didn’t really experience a signal issue, perhaps it cut out now and again but nothing too concerning. The main issue is the cold, as you go higher and higher the battery drains very quickly. One minute it’s 80% the next it’s switching off or on 1% so I would only take it out if absolutely necessary AKA Instagram picture time.

ben nevis scottish highlands

My advice would be to make sure you go at your own pace. We saw people running up and down the mountain, sorry not for me. When you think you can’t go on a second longer just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. For me, I found that when I stopped or sat down for a minute it was 10 times harder to start again.

ben nevis mountain

Additional facts about Ben Nevis:

  • Tallest mountain in the UK
  • 1344 meters
  • Based in the Scottish highlands – Fort William

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Sweaty Betty Live – SB LIVE 08/09/2018

Last year I attended Sweat Life – you can view my blog post here:  so this year I thought I would go for something different and see what SB Live is all about.


It is advertised as the wellness event of the year, with the best of fashion, fitness and food all under one roof. Not to mention his was the 20th birthday so expectations were high.

They were offering:

  • Talks
  • Workouts
  • Healthy food
  • Beauty area
  • 25% off Sweaty Betty clothing
  • 20% off everything else
  • Goody bag worth £70

There were 3 ticket options:

  • £35 – one class, talks and £70 goody bag
  • £40 – two classes, talks and £70 goody bag
  • £60 – unlimited classes, queue jump, talks and £200 goody bag

And three time slots:

  • Morning (8:30 – 12:30)
  • Afternoon (12:30 – 16:30)
  • Evening (16:30 – 20:30)

We went for the 2nd option – 2 classes included, and we opted to get there at the crazy time of 8:30am on a Saturday. Please believe this meant to getting up at 6am on Saturday morning – dedication.

Pre purchase you are unable to view the class availability so we were initially very disappointed. After spending £40 we logged into the class booking site to find most of the classes were full and there were few with ‘limited spaces’ remaining. I can’t really say we had much of a choice but we were able to pick one yoga session and one sweat session.

The event took place in the city in a very large warehouse type building. The Old Truman Brewery, Ely’s Yard, 15 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR

The first class we opted in for was:

Another Space Yoga

This class worked on strength and flexibility in equal measures. It combined traditional yoga movement with a dynamin flow to raise your heart rate. Not as relaxing as the yoga that I’m used to but was a new experience.

And the final class was:

Third Space Metaburn

This high-intensity metabolic conditioning workout using a mix of weighted upper body and lower body exercises combined with cardio intervals for a super-toned body. Building up to 7 exercises or eliminating back down to build a lean and strong physique.


Unfortunately there wasn’t the time to attend any talks.

We took advantage of the photo opportunities around the venue, had a browse in the shops and bought some healthy food to refuel.


Due to a mix up on the door I was actually given a VIP wrist band so was able to access the exclusive VIP area. In all honesty it was nothing special – there was a nice relaxed chill out area to sit down and eat your food away from all the crowds. They handed out free drinks and Duck and Rye were available to do your hair I believe free of charge.

Hair dressing doesn’t interest me as no one there would be able to do my hair. I don’t think I would have the energy to do more than 2 classes so for me it wouldn’t be worth the extra £20.

As my friend had the standard pass and I had the VIP I was a able to compare the goody bags. In the picture below you can see the contents of mine – pretty good freebies. I think the contents to come up to over £200 as well. The Murad cream is £51 and the top is worth £40 so that’s £91 already.



  • Tea Pigs
  • Eyeko Yoga Mascara
  • Murad nutrient charged gel water
  • Urban Veda soothing day cream sample
  • Sweaty Betty top
  • Natural Deodorant
  • Tangle Teezer
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Milk
  • Primroses Kitchen Museli
  • Brave roasted peas
  • Bounce protein bite
  • Pulsin bar
  • Oskia eye cream
  • Emily veg crisps
  • Ape coconut puffs
  • Fresh Vitamin Nectar
  • Sukin foaming facial cleanser
  • Pretty Athletic workout glow
  • 20% off Sweaty Betty voucher
  • Psycle free class

My friend had the same goody bag but smaller. Had the same contents minus the dry shampoo, Murad cream, tangle teezer and tea pigs. So I would say about £80 worth of content less.

It was a really fun and active day out. Great change for a weekend activity as it keeps you healthy and active and differs from the normal drinks on a night out.


Wearing Pretty Little Thing

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8 Habits Of Highly Healthy People

  1. Routine:

I cannot stress how important having a routine is. It can seem boring when looking in from the outside but this structure is set up for success and reduces the chances of failure. Eventually this will become habit and you won’t need to think about what’s next. Having a routine makes a healthy and fit lifestyle easy to accomplish.

When starting out, you may have lots of plans for you new lifestyle. I would recommend that you don’t completely change your life over night but instead incorporate little changes day by day or week by week.

As I always say, if you stick to something for a month, day in day out, you won’t ever have to think about it again. It will become normal and a habit – GOALS.


2. Go outside

Sometime we have lazy days, we are all guilty of it. Make sure you always spend at least 30 minutes actively walking outside. When possible always walk, take the stairs etc to try and get in those recommended 10,000 steps. Pop to the shops, walk instead of drive, walk that extra bus stop down, offer to take the dog for a walk or even better – go for a run, just do whatever it takes.


3. Drink Water

This is my biggest struggle. Unless I’m working out and actually REALLY thirsty I tend to forget all about water. Try and drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Remember if you add this to your routine it should be easy in a few weeks.

Drinking water helps you to increase energy to keep you on top form throughout the day. This will help you to maintain your focus on your daily goals.

It gets rid of all those toxins that we come in to contact with giving you clear, fresh beautiful skin and boosts your immune system.

There are so many other benefits as well including;

  • weightloss
  • Mood boost
  • Headache cure
  • Save money (water is free)


4. Balanced Diet (but don’t believe in dieting)

Never start a diet that isn’t sustainable. You will need to change your diet but this is a change you have to make that will last forever. This eliminates all fad diets, short term low calorie diets or anything of the sort. You need to find a diet that incorporates all the healthy food groups so you don’t loose out on any key nutrients.

You need to limit the sugar and the carbohydrates and increase the protein to promote muscle and decrease body fat.

Please don’t cut out any food groups as this is not sustainable for the future.

If people ask me what diet I’m on or what I do the answer is is that I’m not on a diet I just eat healthily. I still eat naughty food now and again, no ones perfect and it tastes good 😉

Remember diet is DIE with a T.


5.  Get enough sleep

Going back to point one, routine, you really should have a regular bedtime. Your body craves consistency so schedule bedtime like you would other important things you do.

When you are sleep deprived you are unable to focus and this prevents you from performing your daily duties well. This also affects your mood and can make your day a worse than it should be.

With enough sleep you will look so much better, your skin can clear up, your happy and a delight to be around.

Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same area of the brain. Those of you who are starting your weight-loss journey should ensure that they up their rest as well. This will help speed up results.

For adults the recommend amount of sleep you should get is between 7 – 9 hours daily. Saying that, science has shown that more than 9 hours of sleep on a regular basis increases the risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and even death so don’t get carried away.



6. Look on the bright side

When you are positive it attracts positive things. Meditate, drink water, be happy. Only you are in control of how you think and feel, no one else. When you think positively about things you reduce stress and are more likely to achieve your goals – a healthy fit life.

If your feeling really down make a gratitude list. List 10 things you are truly grateful for each day. This can change on how you reflect on your day/ life.


7.  Meal Prep

I am a big supporter of meal prep as it makes keeping on track and saying healthy a lot easily. Its quite tricky finding something healthy to eat out and about on the go and when you get really hungry its easy to fall in to the trap of buying something unhealthy. We’ve all been there and done it but if you have a tasty prepared meal to hand its much harder to get tempted.

When you eat regularly and often this cuts cravings and keeps you full and satisfied for longer. Not to mention the amount of money you can save. Eating out every day at work can rack up a serious bill at the end of the month.

Joe Wicks Lean in 15 books are a good source for finding easy meal prep options – I’m a big fan. You can find them on Amazon.


8. No Excuses

If I can do it, you can do it. No excuses, be strong and stay motivated.


Why do People Jump on the Bandwagon Instead of Thinking for Themselves?

There are so many fitness trends out there at the moment, ranging from clothing, classes, diets, you name it and most of them cost ridiculous amounts of money and offer you no actual benefits.

The sad truth is, marketing campaigns feed off the laziness of the population. They know you want to loose weight, get fit and feel fantastic, whether its fitting into that amazing dress, getting married or a pregnancy snap back, they are feeding off your desperation to achieve your goal with minimum effort in the quickest amount of time.

If its too easy, its not going to work. I believe this applies to most things in life. DONT get scammed!

Top 5 diet scams:

l. Weight loss cigarettes

Banned in 1958 – claimed they would help you loose 20 pounds in 8 weeks if you smoked one 3 times a day.


2. Sensa

This is a powder you sprinkle on your food. This enhances the smell and the taste so makes consumers eat less and loose weight without dieting. This powder is supposed to make you feel fuller for longer so no diet required. Celebrity endorsed crap.


3. Any kind of skinny wraps and creams

L’occitane ‘Almond Beautiful Shape’ cream promised that you would loose 1.3 inches off your thighs in 4 weeks, was a complete scam. People who bought into it remained as fat as ever, just well moisturized.


4. Slimming pills

A lot of people should now know the risks due to the recent deaths of individuals documented in the news. Most of these pills are just very dodgy, and we have no real way of identifying what it is that is in them as they often purchased from unregulated websites. Stay well away as they can damage your body and could even result in weight gain.


5. Caffeine-infused underwear

Yes, you read correctly. Caffeine-infused underwear that promises to destroy fat cells. For $55 you can own a pair and be reshaped in no time – not.


This is just looking at the extreme end of the spectrum but many of my friends have fallen into similar traps. This is due to seeking that quick fix but the main issue is lack of education. When starting something new, the first step should be to educate yourself on the topic. Read!

If you want to succeed in anything in life you must find experts and talented real people and learn from them. Read books, watch documentaries and listen to podcasts. This will help you learn the skills you need to be great and achieve your goal.

Day after day I hear people talking about how they are going to the gym whilst munching on a bag of crisps or eating  chips for lunch. Some even order very expensive juice cleanses and give up half way, body wraps shipped in from America, waist trainers suffocating you all day, is this really life? Why don’t you pay your gym membership, get some sexy outfits and crack on.

Every successful gym goer will say, there is no quick fix, it is a LIFESTYLE change so anything less than this will NOT help you. Trust me.

On many occasions people ask for my advice, I always offer it but ultimately you can only help yourself. We are our own worst enemy. I am a strong believer in that you can only achieve what you really want. Mind over matter.

This may seem harsh but it is reality. If I sat on my sofa all day and never went to work whilst complaining that I’m not rich I’m sure I would be told to get off my ass and do something about it. Its very unlikely you will get anything in this life with no effort, you have to get out there and earn it. Simple.

Keep Motivated


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The benefits of boxing

After hearing that the Victoria’s Secret Models go boxing to keep fit that was enough inspiration for me to find out more.

Top celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls and Adriana Lima are regular boxers. This keeps them in great condition and gives them confidence within self defense.

The top benefits of boxing are:

  • Burning as much as 500 calories within one session
  • Muscle toning
  • Increase bone strength
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve muscle endurance
  • Improve core stability
  • Improve strength
  • Great stress relief
  • Full body workout

It is often thought of as an activity exclusively for men but it benefits women just as much and is increasingly becoming more popular among females.

Women often have difficulty in getting rid of that last bit of belly fat. Many women spend ages in the gym trying to get that flat stomach but struggle endlessly. Boxing help this immensely and allows you to ditch those sit ups. You burn a lot more calories in the belly area during a boxing session than with an isolated abs workout.

For my first ever boxing session I went to KOBOX City where fight club meets night club. This is slightly different from the usual boxing class as it is held in the darkened room with flashing lights and loud music (just like a club). It also doesn’t involve any actual boxing between two people, its just you and the punch bag. This is far more up my street as I actually having to fight with someone would have put me off and to be honest I don’t find it very lady like.

boxing 4

We booked before online, you must sign up and make an account we booked the two classes for £25. It was a very quick and simple sign up process. On arrival we signed in and were asked if we would like to purchase a protein shake for the end of the class. I chose a coconut bounty one costing £5. The receptionist takes your order so that it is ready and prepared by the time your class ends so you don’t have to wait around. I found this very thoughtful of peoples busy lifestyles.

When you make your way downstairs you are offered wraps for free and directed to the changing rooms. Here you have access to fresh towels, hair spray, dry shampoo, blow dryer, straighteners etc very good facilities and equipment which means you don’t need to bring a massive bag with all your getting ready essentials for after the class.

As I was new I was invited in 5 minutes before to run through the names of the moves and a bit about what to expect. There are six rounds over 50 minutes and each one involves punch bag work and strength training combined.  .

boxing 3

The music was really good, all new R&B and Hip Hop, felt like I was in Libertine haha.

It was a really good workout and I was lucky that there were only 6 people in the class. This meant the instructor had plenty of time to correct me and assist me (as it was my first time). I still have one more class and I am really looking forward to going back again. It was a tough workout but no where near as bad as I had anticipated.

Pricing for packages can be found here –

I bought my gym outfit from Only really good quality endurance sports wear and I cannot fault them. Excellent quality sweat proof material. The colors don’t fade after countless washes and they are very easy to move in.

Sports bra – £18

Leggings – £42

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