Vegan in Vienna – Travelling in Austria on a vegan plant-based diet.

I travelled to Austria on February 14th-18th 2019 for a 5-day city break in Vienna. I have noticed that I feel a little anxious when travelling as I really don’t know what I will be able to eat when I arrive and how many options I’ll have. Being health conscious, a week of fries and bread makes me feel sick but at the same time I really don’t want to be forced into eating animal products.

I clearly hadn’t researched properly as it was only after returning from my trip that I discovered Austria is one of the most vegan friendly countries in the world, so lucky me.

I would have loved to have come across a blog like this to read before I left on holiday so I thought I would this for future vegan travellers. If you are off to Vienna on holiday you have nothing to worry about, you may even come back a few pounds heavier than you left.

Here is a descriptive list of all the restaurants that I visited and the food I’ve eaten whilst I was away in Austria.


Do&Co Hotel ££££

This was our first dinner in Vienna. As it was valentine’s day it was pretty hard to get a table at a normal time, so we decided to eat at 11pm. The restaurant wasn’t that busy when we arrived, and we were given a table close to the window, so we had a complete view on Stephansplatz and the cathedral. This is not a vegan restaurant, and when mentioning that I was vegan, they were not phased at all. There were a few options on the menu, but I decided to go with the vegetable and tofu wok and rice with a starter of vegetable sushi.

When ordering the vegetable wok, you must go up to the chef’s counter and select your own vegetables – you help yourself and can put as much or as little onto your plate and then pass it over to the chef to cook and the rice comes on the side.

I was full after the meal – was delicious 10/10.

do&co hotel


Swing Kitchen £

Found on the HappyCow app.

If you feel like junk food this is the place to go. It’s totally vegan, a yummier and better version of McDonalds SO TASTY! One of my faves but not good for your weight at all. I would probably be obese if there was one down my road.

We went here twice. First time I had a burger and salad and dink meal deal for under 10,00 EUR – so decent. Second time I had a ‘chicken’ nugget salad and drink.

The only downside is that you have to pay 80 cents for sauce but who cares.

If I return to Vienna at some point I will 1000% go back for more.


swing kitchen meal

Deli Bluem £££

Found on the HappyCow app.

This was another of my favourites. It is tucked away down a little residential road next to a park. They have indoor and outdoor seating and is clearly very popular as we were advised we only had an hour until the next lot of people were to arrive.

The restaurant is buffet style and everything they have on offer is 100% vegan and 100% organic. They charge 17,00EUR for brunch which includes unlimited portions of everything that is out. The menu is of course in German but as you can go and pick and choose this wasn’t an issue.

They have a lovely array of salads, cereals, milks, porridge, breads, dips, spreads and drinks. I decided to give everything a try and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, my favourite was these grass-like greens. So tasty, god knows what it was, but the taste was out of this world.

As one dish empties, they replace it with a new one, so you get to try a large variety of dishes. You can also see them being prepared from scratch which is a pleasant touch.

The café is also dog friendly.

Deli Bluem

Deli Bluem deliicious vegan food

Deli Bluem vegan brunch

Semmering ski resort ££

Food wise, this was a vegan nightmare. In terms of actual vegan options, there were chips and water – not great. We tried various restaurants (sorry can’t remember the names) but in all honesty they had pretty much the same options. We settled for one and ordered what was called ‘vegetarian vegetable pizza’ without cheese obviously and fries. The fries were decent and as you would expect, but the pizza was very unusual to say the least. Out came a cheese less pizza with vegetables, but nothing what you would expect to be on a pizza. Let’s just say, this was my first pizza with mange tout, carrots, CAULIFLOWER and peppers (at least they got one vegetable right). A very strange combo, it was edible, but I would never consider reordering.


Veggiezz £

Found on the HappyCow app.

This restaurant is labelled as a fast food vegan restaurant. I was delighted to find there were many healthy options as well as the standard burger and chips.

I went for vegetable rolls and pumpkin soup. Really big, healthy and filling portions. Just what you hope to receive wen you order food. Absolutely delicious and food labelled low card and high protein! This restaurant is 100% vegan.

Superfood Deli ££

Found on the HappyCow app

A really great spot for brunch. Think fancy acai bowls, drinks in jars and an instrammable atmosphere.

The portions are large and way more filling than they look. I would say this is a health freaks heaven.

The only downside is that it is tiny (around 4 seats) so we were very lucky to get one.

This place is tucked away down a little alley s not the easiest to find but worth it if you do.

Superfood deli

Dens Biomarkt £££

This is a bio supermarket located just up the street from our hotel. It was an absolute dream – for a vegan anyway. They even had a totally vegan section with a wide range of products but also throughout the shop it would be rare if you were unable to find a vegan option for that item.

It was extremely handy having this so close by (around 100m away) as we could pick up stacks and drinks whenever we were hungry. Why do we not have such vegan friendly supermarkets in the UK?

I went all out and bought a variety of chocolate to bring back to the UK.

Annie’s Broselei £

Found on the HappyCow app.

Just a simple vegan bakery with about 4-5 cakes to choose from. I went for an apricot sponge cake like the fatty I am. The cake was lovely and reasonably priced at 3,5EUR I was able to do takeaway which was handy, and they put the cake into a cute little box for you and provide wooden forks. I would say, if you are hoping to sit down and relax this is highly unlikely as it is TINY. About 5 people can fit inside and when I arrived it was completely full. This wasn’t as issue as it was lovely and sunny outside.

The café is also dog friendly.

Café Gagarin £

Found on the HappyCow app.

This café is not 100% vegan. It is vegetarian with multiple vegan options.

Probably my least favourite meal, yes, even worse than the mountain resort. It was a very odd and unique experience and I don’t want to judge it too negatively as it was only one dish that I found unappetising.

It’s hard to find, I think we walk past it about 4 times. Hidden away and looks like an office, you walk in and it’s like a biker/ rock inspired looking space. Clearly musically inspired, there are records, stickers and rock magazines scattered around along. The café is particularly unusual as there are no prices for the mains. This is a pay-as- you- think café so you pay what you think is reasonable. In London this would have been easy but as foreigners we had no idea what would be deemed as acceptable. Luckily, they had a suggested price at the end, and I was relieved to realise I wasn’t stingy as was planning to pay £10 over the suggested price.

Went for the tofu scramble with toast each and large hummus and bread to share. Hummus was clearly home made and tasted lovely and fresh, but the tofu scramble is what really let it down. They had generously prepared a whole block of tofu EACH for us (way too much). This had not been drained and so was swimming in water (gross) and not to mention the lack of seasoning and million pieces of onion. My advice would be not to write off this café, but they clearly are not good at cooking tofu so whatever you do, do not go for that.

Café Gagarin vegan breakfast

Café Gagarin

Das Loft ££££

When in Vienna why wouldn’t you want to go and check out the fanciest restaurant, I was on holiday after all and the views looked amazing. I can confirm its lovely in the evening with a few right across the city. If you’re afraid of heights it may not be for you as it is located on the 18th floor.

Whilst looking at the menu in advance there was nothing labelled but I assumed, given the status of the restaurant there must be an option or something the chef could whip up.

On arrival and mentioning that I would be interested in the vegan options I was offered the option of one starter and one main. Please note, nothing is vegan, but they can adapt these two dishes for you.

Starter – Beetroot selection

Main – Celery selection

When presented with the bread to start, the waitress said, ‘before you ask, it is vegan’. I thought that was a big rude but never mind. The beetroot selection was minimal but tasty and the celery that followed was unusual but very good. Both dishes were extremely well presented.

I think I left hungry, but I believe that is a reflection on the restaurant a whole and not the vegan options. It is fancy, and expensive so to be expected. The waiter mentioned that due to popular demand the chef is creating more vegan dishes to put on the menu, and these will be available from the summer onwards.

I feel this restaurant is more about the experience and the view rather than the food. Go if you’re visiting from abroad as it is worth it for the view alone.

Airport ££

Arriving at the airport, there were not loads of options immediately obviously available. Decided to just pop into the first café (sorry don’t know the name) and just assume that there won’t be much to eat, and there wasn’t. A sandwich, chips or a fruit salad, to be honest this didn’t bother me as I had very low expectations anyway. I went for the sandwich with hummus and Mediterranean vegetables. It did the job, no frills food but grateful that there was at least something.

Vienna Aiport vegan snack

If you have any other recommendations or personal experience of the restaurants listed above, please let me know.

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